No one is unaware of the deep economic crisis we are living in, very much pronounced in our country, and that has had a very serious impact in the industry and in the economic growth.

The crisis has hit the aviation industry in a particularly virulent manner and in recent years we have witnessed the disappearance of an important number of national and foreign airlines that have left a large number of highly qualified Spanish pilots unemployed.

Some people say that times of struggle are also times of opportunities and, taking that advice, we have decided to look forward into the future. VIA pretends to be the answer to this situation from the perspective of the Spanish Professional Pilots' Association (AEP) with the collaboration of SEPLA.

VIA has been created with the intention to assist, create bonds, inform, share information and provide a range of services aimed at our pilots’ members who are, or will be, working abroad.

We also want our pilots to maintain a link with our country through VIA in case the improvement of the aviation industry would allow them to return in the future. If they decide to do so, this would have to be done in the best possible conditions.

We have already established contacts with airlines and we manage real jobs opportunities for our pilots. That is our goal: to provide the best information and to ease the hassle to find a job abroad.

Additionally, VIA through the Services Department for Members and the Technical Department of SEPLA offer a range of benefits and services such as:

  • Assistance with the various administration requirements of the Spanish Civil Aviation.
  • Administration (AESA and DGAC).
  • Insurance for loss of medical certificate.
  • Medical insurance with worldwide and/or national coverage. Pension plans.
  • Bank arrangements in foreign countries. Worldwide CIRP (Critical Incident Response Program) and IFALPA coverage in case of an accident or a serious incident.
  • Technical assistance and information sent by email (technical newsletters, MACH 82 magazine and FlySafe flyer).
  • Financial and Social Security assistance.
  • Agreements with training centers and simulators at very competitive prices.
  • English courses to prepare for job interviews.
  • English conversation classes.
  • Renewal of Language Proficiency certificates.

We are currently working to provide:

  • Legal assistance abroad.
  • FAA Licensing.
  • Discount in international telecommunication rates.

In conclusion, we are aiming for the VIA program to offer a different and human perspective about the implications in the practice of our profession wherever it may be performed.



Have a nice flight!




Susana Palmero y Nuria Sánchez - VIA AEP Operations 
Tel: 91 309 67 51
C/General Díaz Porlier, 49. 3ª Planta. 28001, Madrid (Spain)

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