The Spanish Association of Civil Aviation Commercial Pilots

The Spanish Association of Civil Aviation Commercial Pilots (AEP) is a professional association created to accommodate all airline transport and commercial pilots who voluntarily want join it. It was not created to perform any type of trade union or profit-oriented activities.

According to its statutes, it was created with the objective to "protect, develop and enhance professional activities of its members in all aspects, especially enhancing the moral, cultural and aeronautical knowledge of them, promoting a safer, regular, efficient and economical air transport and to encourage, by all means, the spirit of unity and fellowship among all civil aviation commercial pilots."

To comply with these provisions the association coordinates efforts with the Technical Departments of SEPLA and COPAC. On the other hand, it also tries to create stronger ties between the two institutions through collaborative arrangements in specific aspects that can generate synergies for the better utilization of the available resources.

Therefore, the AEP tries to cover all those gaps in which it may be considered to be the most appropriate body to defend pilots from a purely professional perspective.

Examples of projects that we can emphasize in which the AEP is working may be the following: development of an accident investigators course, different projects in safety and security and in operational health and safety issues, and also training projects with volunteers to train them to be suitable replacements as Board or technical members for the future.

Furthermore, the AEP is also responsible for managing all project activities of VIA, a project that tries to meet the needs of pilots who perform their careers outside our borders, offering advice and support adapted to their specific job environment.

It will cost you nothing to join the AEP and you may be already a member if you are affiliated to SEPLA. You are the best support we can have to defend our professional interests since having thousands of members in our Association, a huge membership, helps us raise our voice louder to authorities and other agencies to achieve our main objectives that are no other than improving and defending our profession.

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