Spanish Pilots Union, SEPLA

The Spanish Pilots’ Union was established in 1978, in accordance with the provisions of the Law of Freedom of Association, with the purpose of maintaining, developing and protecting the interests of commercial and airline transport pilots. This institution is independent of any interest group or political party, which allows for a free development of their activities, committed to the protection of labor rights of the professional Spanish pilots.
The Spanish Guild of Commercial Aviation Pilots, COPAC

The Spanish Guild of Commercial Aviation Pilots (COPAC) is a Public corporation created in 1998, on a national scale, with own legal capacity to fulfill its purposes. It is governed by its applicable statutes and regulatory requirements and its relationship with the government is channeled through the Spanish Ministry of Development.

SEPLA Ayuda is a non-profit organization that aims to help developing countries in need that are located in destinations where we have schedule flights. Their goal is to help people in need, especially children and people affected by disabilities. They focus on channeling, coordinating and supporting solidarity initiatives that may be promoted by Spanish pilots, leveraging and enhancing the possibilities offered by the exercise of our profession for the best allocation of resources according to the specific environment.
Iberoamerican Institute of Air and Space Law and Commercial Aviation

The AEP is a member of this Institute, a non-governmental, non-profit organization, which has also the status of UN Advisory Agency as an NGO since May 1976.
Spanish Association Light Aircraft Pilots, AEPAL

Association that aims to defend the collective interests of light aircraft pilots and obtaining services on favorable terms for its members.
The Airline Pilots Association of Veterans of Spain, APAVE

The Airline Pilots Association of Veterans of Spain seeks to promote brotherhood among all its members and enhance the aeronautical spirit promoting it to the general public through dissemination of information and training in aeronautical matters.
Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots of Spain, AOPA

Association of Aircraft Owners and Pilots of Spain, founded in 1980, is a national non-profit public interest-minded association, whose purpose is the development and promotion of Spain’s General Aviation defending the interests of pilots and aircraft owners without representing any professional or trade union interest. It also promotes increasing the safety of aeronautical practice, economic efficiency and environmental suitability of operations.

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